I’ve decided to change the format of the video/podcast episodes to just podcast style episodes.

By this I mean I will be making each episode with the usual theme intro and then giving audio commentary in each episode with no background music, and ending each episode with both the video and podcast outro commentaries combined (the latter which will have background music). Episodes posted on YouTube will just have the Technomosity logo in the video with the audio commentary to go along with them. Episodes will still be around 5 minutes long (maybe 10 or longer depending on material).

I’ve come to this decision for various reasons, mostly due to the efficiency at generating new episodes. My goal is to post content on Technomosity (whether it’s a video, an article, etc.) at least fairly regularly (at least once or twice a week if not a little more), and the amount of time and resources to make the videos along with managing other content as well as managing time for things outside of Technomosity on top of that is exhausting. I’ve also been trying to contact the individual who was working on the script for the latest episode on numerous occasions over the course of several months and they still haven’t gotten back to me about the final draft, let alone gotten back to me period. Therefore, I will be finishing the rest of it myself if need be. Fortunately, the script last I checked seems pretty in-depth and I could practically get to recording the commentary for it asap.

I’m hoping to get the next episode out sometime within the next month, and will be posting both the video and podcast versions on YouTube and LibSyn, respectively. As usual, links to each will be provided here as well as on the Technomosity website and Technomosity Twitter page.

Stay frosty folks and thanks for your continued support of Technomosity!


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