I know I post a lot of news articles on this site, but I just wanted to make a post that is more personal and coming directly from me.

As you may or may not know by now, COVID-19 has been affecting people around the world. So much so to the point that businesses are closing down and many people are being forced to distance themselves from others and even stay within a certain distance from their own homes. Simply put, if you are a non-essential worker, then you are either out of work or are more limited on the work you may do to either provide for yourself or others you support.

As many within the medical industry (doctors, researchers, etc.) rush to find a vaccine for COVID-19 to cure those who are suffering from it and/or provide additional immunity to it in the future, I had thought of a little technological idea that initially seemed lighthearted to me, but now has entertained the idea that it may of potential benefit in the real world; Coronavision.

Coronavision would work as such: The ability to visually see where coronavirus bacteria within the real world currently resides (surfaces it is on, where it is in the air if perhaps blown around, etc.). The virus that president Donald Trump has now deemed “the invisible enemy” perhaps may become visible with the aid of Coronavision.

And it doesn’t stop there, this same concept may be applied to detecting bacteria from other viruses as well. The technology would of course have to be adjusted to detect the respective bacteria that specific virus. Or perhaps these bacteria-detecting technologies could be combined into one device and even one vision.

If such technology were to become widely distributed to the masses (citizens, private and public sector businesses, etc.), then it could certainly reduce the chances of getting infected. With the right technology and proper testing for it, this may become a reality and may potentially save millions of lives.


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