Perhaps it’s just me, but I feel the current state of the Internet, as we know it regarding the evolution it’s seen over the years, seems unsustainable. I understand the Internet should be a place for the free exchange of ideas. However, freedom comes at a price and what we have been seeing lately, with cyber security attacks on major companies and even on government organizations and officials, is an exploitation of that freedom.

There is perhaps a loose state of anarchy erupting before our very eyes as many are free to create accounts and post information that can benefit them and harm others. Many of these keyboard warriors, if you will, making anonymous accounts to libel the reputation of another, and then deleting it to prevent themselves from being traced. This practice is only an example of the fraction of the type of damage this sort of freedom may cause. We must remember we are only just starting to experience the potential of the Internet and such open means of communication. Who or what is to say that these sorts of strategies will not evolve to more dangerous levels or become more creative with time and effort.

My fellow digital citizens, I wish not to trample the freedoms of others, nor to question the very concept of freedom itself. I wish to keep what it means to be free online; to express ideas, to invaluably contribute to the betterment of communities, to all of mankind, and the world in which we live. I ask that we take more time to discuss strategies to help keep the Internet free but to also be mindful of the pitfalls that would present themselves should things get out of hand. I hope we find a solution, and I would be the first in line to support it.



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