They are hoping it will help curb the spread of COVID-19 within indoor office settings.

Jul 18, 2020 8:00 AM By: Aastha Shetty

A local company says they’ve created a solution to help ease the minds of those worried about returning back to work indoors during the pandemic.

Dan Mathers, President and CEO of eleven-x, says their system works together with the HVAC and air purification systems to make sure they are working.

“It sends out an alert in the event that they aren’t and it will send a green signal, a thumbs up when things are working effectively. So that’s what we do. We work in tandem with them to make sure that those systems are working properly and effectively.”

He says their new tech will help ensure the ventilation systems are working, which may help prevent the spread of COVID-19 through respiratory droplets.

“You know, experts say that there’s a strong correlation between carbon dioxide in the air, which of course we exhale when we breath, the relative humidity in a building, as well as the particulate matter — in other words, is the building’s filtration system working properly?”

You can learn more about the product and how to buy it online.




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