Walmart buys tech from Carezone to help people manage their prescriptions Walmart is acquiring technology and intellectual property from CareZone, a start-up that makes it easier for people to manage multiple medications, Walmart confirmed to CNBC on Monday. CareZone, which got its start in 2010, develops apps to help people manage

How Tech Companies Can Help Fix U.S. Health Care Pandemics, once considered black swan events, will become a routine occurrence in this era. Globalization, localization, and increased animal protein consumption have changed our world such that localized infections now have the potential to evolve into global pandemics with greater frequency.

How Big Tech Makes Their Billions

How Big Tech Makes Their Billions The world’s largest companies are all in technology, and four out of five of those “Big Tech” companies have grown to trillion-dollar market capitalizations. Despite their similarities, each of the five technology companies (Amazon, Apple,

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Just sharing a video giving a firm reminder for everyone to practice backing up their data regularly. Starting a new holiday. Calling it Data Back Up Awareness Day, since apparently Backup Awareness Month is already a thing (look it up).

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Technomosity Update

Hello everyone, Hope everyone has been doing alright as of late. It has been quite some time since Technomosity has provided any updates, but just a quick note that there will be a new episode released sometime next week so

Parts of a Computer

A new episode of Technomosity is now available on both YouTube and wherever you get your podcasts. Links will be provided here for both. YouTube: Podcast:


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